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    LAS VEGAS, NV – April 28, 2016. Southern Champion breaks ground at the 73rd Annual Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention and Exposition (WSWA). Hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, the event doubled as a launching platform and networking super hub for Southern Champion’s brand new line of spirits. Southern Champion also supported their long time WSWA veteran brand of ready-to-drink cocktails, BuzzBallz and BuzzBallz Shooterz.

    The Spirits Tasting Competition, sponsored by The Tasting Panel magazine and The SOMM Journal is one of the highlights of the WSWA Convention and Exposition. [Retrieved from http://www.wswaconvention.org] Southern Champion swept the competition with their spirits and ready-to-drink submissions, winning a total of 10 medals in various categories.

    Every line of spirit in the Southern Champion portfolio received a medal, a groundbreaking achievement for their first official competition. Pelican Harbor Rum took Double Gold for its sensationally smooth and refreshing taste, while Crooked Fox Blended Bourbon Whiskey and XIII Kings Vodka took Gold. Pelican Harbor Black Rum and Andrew John’s Gin did not go unrewarded, bringing home silvers for their modern tastes and interpretations of classic spirits.

    BuzzBallz is no stranger to the WSWA competition. The ready-to-drink cocktails have been attending and competing in the WSWA Convention and Exposition since the year 2012. 2016 proved itself to be another award winning year for the product. Creamy fan favorite, Choc Tease, was awarded Double Gold and Best of Show, the highest award available in each category. Peachballz and Pumpkin Pie Eater were both awarded Silver, alongside BuzzBallz’ newest brainchild BuzzBallz Shooterz Chocolate Caramel Cake, a premixed shot with an ingenious bottle design that includes a party perfect shot glass.

    The Southern Champion crew walked among the stars during the three-day long convention brushing shoulders with attending celebrities Christie Brinkley, Channing Tatum, and Aron Ralston. The WSWA Convention and Exposition offers opportunities for distributors in the industry to discover new and exciting beverage products, shake hands with existing partners and seek out services to enhance internal operations. All in all, the 73rd Annual WSWA proved to be the perfect arena for Southern Champion to kick off its first official competition and solidified the foundation BuzzBallz paved for them years before.

    Visit www.wswaconvention.org for more details.

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