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  • BuzzBallz Releasing New Formulas For Popular Peach and Piña Colada Flavors

    As a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, BuzzBallz is changing the formulas for two of their most popular long time flavors, PeachBallz and Lotta Colada. Both the spirits-based Cocktails line and wine-based Chillers line of BuzzBallz will experience reformulation for both flavors.

    The new PeachBallz Cocktails and Chillers will remove the previous orange juice and orange flavors and instead be made with peach juice, natural peach flavors, and certified colors.

    Charles Irvin, BuzzBallz VP of R&D, said the new peach formula is more “peach-forward” with a balanced flavor that makes it sweeter, juicier, and tastier to drink.

    “Peachballz and Peach Chiller were some of the earliest BuzzBallz cocktails ever made. After years of experimenting with new beverages, we realized there was an opportunity to update the flavor profile of our peach cocktails,” Irvin said.

    The new Lotta Colada Cocktails and Pineapple Colada Chillers will be made with a real cream base and without the lime juices used in the original formula. Both will keep their natural pineapple and coconut flavors.

    Irvin said the decision to change the formula for the Piña Colada flavors was a difficult back-and-forth given the amount of time the original formula was in production, but that a new cream-based version was the right way to go.

    “We genuinely feel the creamy and refreshing profile of our updated versions provide a better experience,” Irvin said.

    A letter sent out to distributors about the formula changes noted that the “new and improved formulas” will be produced in the same BuzzBallz packaging with the same 15% alcohol by volume (ABV).

    “To keep up with the growing momentum of our brands, we have made improvements to the SKUS due to feedback we have received from our loyal consumers over the years,” the letter said.

    These new formulas will be hitting the distribution warehouses to be introduced to select markets starting mid-October of this year.

    For more information, visit www.buzzballz.com.

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